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November 14, 2021
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December 12, 2021

Episode 32: Welcome to Heal Into Happy, I’m your host Lark Allen. Today, I am so excited to continue my conversation with my soul sister Kristina Demek as she shares her healing journey and her mission is to educate and empower individuals to tap into their own and our healing wisdom to obtain optimal wellness.

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•  I had been going through a detox process because we had moved out of our movie house and not really knowing exactly what that detox process was, and for those that have never been chronically ill, people tend to know that you get worse before you get better. So I was definitely getting worse during those four months, and I think both myself and my husband were definitely looking for some answers because it was a struggle, but yeah, so I was fortunate enough to find a practitioner that I think I might have alluded to before, but he recognized… One of the problems I kept running into is people didn’t think I was actually sick, and one of the challenges too in the process is that a lot of people get dismiss, and especially a lot of women will get dismissed in their healing crisis and they’re told it’s all in their head. (3:46)

•  This sounds like exactly what I’d like to do. I guess back up real quick for a second too, I started to realize I’m really personally able to tap into energetic blockages in a person’s body, and one of the things I love about muscle testing is you can start to identify what things are working or not working for people where blockages exist or don’t, and when you go to an appointment, like when I went to the guy I was working with, a typical appointment would be three hours, and then I started to realize I worked with a couple of different practitioners that their weaknesses and their energetic field, because they weren’t doing the work, we’re impacting my appointment, like my sessions with them, and so I was like, okay, what I would love is to do this work with people, but in a way that is more efficient and effective. (15:35)

•   I mean, if anything that that person is now having to do those things now that they’ve had a couple of hospital visits, there’s been things along the way that might have been mitigated or maybe they would have been ahead of the game in terms of adopting new dietary approaches or types of things. So I’m just always amazed. I just share with myself for my last… I scan for myself, so a typical scan is done every 30 days, I scan for myself every two weeks… I mean, I have the tool and I use it for me. And so one, it’s driver related to the heart has come up, so this would be the battery around the heart or a blockage, and the energy field around the heart. So there’s both a physiological and there can be emotional components too. (20:25)

•  I listen to mine every night before bed now, like 10 or 15 minutes, so really easy to listen to, but they also… There’s two of them, kind of tools that we can use to help remove the blockages and create more flow energetically within our body on our faculties, and then the other is their ME Health device, the impractical are structured water, so they take the energy of whatever comes up so for my instance, it was heart, the energy of having a coherent energetic heart space and the water is imprinted with that frequency, and then you take the structured water every day. So I do… It depends on how many drops you do, I do a full serving size, which is like 15 drops and just put the drop some water and drink it in the morning, and that’s it, and this is predominantly what I’ve been doing for my own health and wellness over the last year, I’ve only been using this with a couple additional supplements. (24:16)

•   It’s such a beautiful message of approving of ourselves exactly where we are and loving ourselves in each now moment. So it’s a new affirmation that I’ve been saying a lot, I approve of myself. And she recommends any kind of thing that you’re going through physically with you, any kind of issue that you might be having emotionally or physically, letting that affirmation just be something that you just immediately like, Oh, I approve of myself. It’s a powerful foundation, and she says to keep it up for at least a month. And then there’s an exercise that I really love in the book, and it’s called I love myself, so you would take out paper and pen, which you know I’m a huge believer in, and you say, I love myself therefore… And then you’ve finish the sentence and you just do it over and over, and it’s really powerful to do with a friend going back and forth, so we could rampage together where we’re saying, I love myself, therefore I’m healed. (29:40)


Kristina Demek is an FD NP. She is the founder and CEO of Agile Wellness Solutions and is a functional wellness and life coach who assist individuals and aligning their physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual bodies for resiliency and vitality. Kristina draws from her own personal healing journey with lime, mold, heavy metals and viruses, and her education and training to bring a multi-modal approach in working with clients. Her mission is to educate and empower individuals to tap into their own and our healing wisdom to obtain optimal wellness. Kristina is certified as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and as health bio-energetics practitioner, and a walls protocol health practitioner.


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