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November 28, 2021
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Episode 33: Welcome to Heal Into Happy, I’m your host Lark Allen. Today, I am so excited to share the brilliance of my amazing friend Marjorie Wolter. Marjorie shares her spiritual journey in creating heaven on Earth, her with connection with Maori/Native American/Hawaiian kahunas/kumus, spiritual gurus such as Makua, Shirdi Sai Baba, Buckminster Fuller, and saints from a variety of traditions, all of which have enlivened her spiritual understandings.

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•  Dr. Marjorie science and spirit are one in the same, whether business, health, mind, body or spirit, she is honored to assist people in finding or honing and using their super powers, everyone has them to live the life of their dreams and evolve those dreams. She believes living full out is our highest form of service, gifted and colliding with the spirit of Buckminster Fuller, followed by training with his adopted son, Marshall Thurber, along with several other well-known master teachers, their community of massively successful students working from Integrity and synergy inspired her own life mission, her inviting laugh immediately creates an atmosphere of ease and grace where people get curious about remembering who they truly are.  (2:44)

•   So many times. so much of the time, it’s actually a practice to be present enough and aware enough to really see the beauty that’s around me every minute of every day. I was a gypsy, I called it intuition gypsy for about two years. And in that time, all I did was listen each day for where I should be living and whether I should move from the place I was in or not. I lived on Hawaii, Seattle, California, did the Camino in Portugal, stayed in Spain. It was wonderful to experience so much of the planet, and at the same time, what was even more wonderful was having a sense of conscious connection with nature, with creation. (8:14)

•    I’ve done practices around abundance where you can walk on the sand and just think about how abundant the sands or earthen on blades of grass, and it is completely abundant. So any time that anybody is having any scarcity mindset, that’s a beautiful practice to feel into just looking at everything and just the abundance of oxygen that we have to breathe. It speaks also to how backward our systems are, they may have been applicable at one or another point in history, whether it’s economics, even religion, so many of the systems are based on scarcity, and we’re flipping that now. In fact, my friend Marshall Thurber is writing a book called Abundanomics, because that’s the truth of the matter, and it will be so helpful as we recalibrate our systems, our societal systems, to reflect that truth. (12:32)

•   You don’t have to have a big plan, even though that’s nice, or a vision even… That’s great. The only trick is to be present right now, and do you unearthing in terms of more boots on the ground as we’re living as humans on this planet. And there are systems we’ve been engaged with, that bridge is also relatively simple, and that if we are functioning from integrity, it’s again, we talked about this, it’s the only real currency in this world and into the future. If you are acting from Integrity, and if you are only playing a game, playing in business, playing with friends where everyone wins, then that becomes another aspect of the next thing, and it’s very simple and yet profoundly impactful. (17:21)

•   And I often hear the words like, Oh, that’s a bullseye. What you said is exactly what I needed to hear. So I don’t look at this as though it’s me doing this, it somehow, the universal creative energy comes to my awareness and that is a thrill as well. And another way of confirming how we are all connected and every person has these abilities, they come through differently, and yet, it’s magic. And what we consider sometimes as airy fairy or not applicable is absolutely applicable, and when you look at people who have made major changes on the planet, they typically do rely on their intuition for that. It’s imperative. (24:24)


Dr. Marjorie is a born intuitive with decades of experience accurately assessing, predicting, and facilitating transformation for people and their businesses (romances too). She delights in working with those who are primed for their next steps, or leaps and bounds.

From an early age, Dr. Marjorie could sense how energetic patterns, both seen and unseen, affected people and places. What she used to think of as weird abilities (including clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience) are encompassed within current physics theory. Physics and Math were her focus in undergraduate studies.

Logic and curiosity engaged, Dr. Marjorie has collaborated with diverse populations including thought leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals ready for accelerating their growth, and indigenous elders shifting planetary gridwork.

Her studies include personal growth mentors like Mary Morrissey, Tony Robbins, Marhsall Thurber, T. Harv Ecker, and many more. Connection with Maori/Native American/Hawaiian kahunas/kumus, pranic healing, varied meditation techniques, indigenous ceremony, and telepathy with spiritual gurus such as Makua, Shirdi Sai Baba, Buckminster Fuller, and saints from a variety of traditions enlivened her spiritual understandings.

Dr. Marjorie left an accomplished dental practice to re-discover worlds where wonder and wisdom combine for powerful magic.

A mamma whale lifted her kayak out of Maui’s blue green waters, stunning communication she could not ignore. This experience intensified Dr. Marjorie’s conscious connection with creation’s loving physics, perfect preparation for this time of exponential planetary growth/change.

She is described by others as an irreverent renaissance woman whose attentive presence immediately makes them feel appreciated.




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