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May 29, 2022
Season Two Finale: Calling in a Circle of Empowerment and How to Powerfully Co-Create Heaven on Earth Together
June 26, 2022
Episode 46: Welcome to Heal Into Happy, I’m your host Lark Allen. I am so excited that I am winding up season two of co-creating heaven on earth and all of the interviews that I’ve been doing with somebody that is so near and dear to my heart, Wannessa Badger. Wannessa is the creator of The Self-Healing School, a sacred learning space offering self-healing courses. She has a degree in Child Development and Family Studies, as well as certifications as an AWAKE Integrative Energy Practitioner & a Mindset Transformation Coach.

Ready? Let’s go…


•    And as I concluded, I realized, okay, I’m going to need to sit with this for a little bit. I’m going to need to let this integrate. I’m an experimenter. So I love taking information ever since I was little. I started with energetics when I was little, I loved going to the bookstore and then going to the self-help section and I’d find books on energy and being an empath. And so I would experiment with it because I was very sensitive. I could feel everything. I’m like, why am I feeling this? And it wasn’t, here’s the thing is it’s interesting because there was a remembrance that I brought into this lifetime. It was that I didn’t want to shut it off. I didn’t want to turn it off. I felt like it was a power and it was something that I enjoy, but I wanted to learn how to be able to still be of service without taking on other people’s energy, being able to sense, but keeping it separate. (11:20)

•   And what you were saying right now is so deeply connected to my soul. The concept of light. When I was a little girl, I was about 10 years old when I had my first spiritual awakening. And I just remember thinking there’s a song in the church that I learned. And it was from, “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”. Yes. And it was a song that I would sing in order to acknowledge the things that happen in this Earthly realm and with my physical body can never touch the purity of my soul and that I have a light that they’re never going to put out.   (15:59)

•  It’s been so amazing how my life has been shifting, where I’m finding, you know, my soul family, and I’m finding other people that I get to physically get to see and hug and touch. And that are here doing the work and helping anchor in Christ consciousness and co-creating heaven on earth. And, you know, we’re just like intuitively able to communicate. And, you know, I feel like telepathic powers are being turned on and I’m so excited to see what comes through. Oh yes. I had so much fun with that class and it was all beautifully paced. It was again, I’m finding that letting go because I am a steadier, but before we all came together, I did a prayer and I just kind of let things go and just let things flow. And I was so grateful for that. It’s just as much as we share medicine, it’s medicine that we receive as well.    (21:01)

•  Meditation: (23:01)

Okay. So go ahead and sit comfortably and cross your legs and cross your arms. Allow yourself to be open to receive. If you’re able to put your feet on the ground, I want you to imagine that growing out of your feet are roots, the tree, you feel your feet on the ground. You feel you’re supported. You feel the energy of mother earth and these roots grow 1, 3, 5, 10 feet down.  

Breathe in. Feel grounded and to mother earth now up above you is a beautiful golden light shining up. You can look up at it if you’d like and experience it raining down on you, shining down on you and shining on your Ajna, your third eye, and then sit up right and let that golden beautiful light to shine through your crown chakra and light golden nectar.

Let it to permeate and sink through, into your face and your neck, your shoulders down your chest, and how’s, it’s working its way, feeling your entire energetic body. You feel every part of your being and your physical body as relaxing as this next. Divine benevolent energy moves its way down your legs through the ankles, through the feet, down through the roots, take a nice cleansing breath here, enjoying this being away from the doing enjoying, just being.

Now in your mind’s eye, right between your eyebrows. I want you to envision yourself. I want you to see yourself in present day. Look at him or her. Look at yourself, allow yourself to come into focus, seeing the details, and while looking at yourself, this image, I want you to acknowledge this sentence. I am.

And I want you to fill that sentence with your first and last name. I am fill in that blank and look at yourself and acknowledge, what are the responsibilities of this individual? You’re looking at yourself with the first and last name. What are her or his fears, dreams, duties. What are the rules that are being played on a daily basis?

Maybe you sense energies around this image of yourself. Maybe you see pictures of family or dwellings work now with loving your heart. I want you to now with intention, look at this version of yourself with eyes of love, shift out the lens, and then smile and witnessed yourself smiling. Acknowledging the strength, the beauty, the resilience, the faith, and was loving your heart and loving your eyes, witnessed the image, fade away.

Now I want you to think of the sentence I am and just your first name. Say it to yourself. I am in your first name and now I want you to. Envision in your third eye and your mind’s eye yourself as a younger version of yourself, the younger boy, younger girl, allow that image to come into focus and ask yourself, what age is she or he, ask yourself, what are her or his challenges? What were the fears? What were the responsibilities? What were the burden? What was she or he having to navigate at this time? How is she or he being strong? What lights this child up, witness it all. All of the elements and the nuances of this time in time. 

Now was loving your eyes, look at her or him with eyes of love. Allow your heart to shine. A green light bursting out of your house. Smile and her or him acknowledge your love, your respect, your appreciation, your encouragement. You’re so proud of this child and what she or he was able to overcome, accomplish and acknowledging the hard parts as well.

And in your mind’s eye, I allowed us image of your younger self’s face. Take a nice deep breath. Now I want you to think of the words I am breathe into that might be feeling yourself, becoming aware of your body a bit more failing the energetics of gravity and your physical body. Feeling the I am having released these images in your timeline of yourself, going into.

I am keep breathing. Do you feel that stillness, do you feel any sensations in your body? If you feel any tension, take a deep breath and breathe that oxygen. And with intention to that space, I am. And as we go a little bit deeper our soul, sometimes more times, often times, maybe all times. May not be able to find appropriate words to equate to what is felt or known.

And with that being said, let go of the concept of I am, or at least that allow that to float away and I’m going to make a sound. And I want you to just connect with that sound and allow yourself to release deeper into this present moment.

Om, one more time, a little bit lower, Om

 Feeling just peace in this place of peace. There are no worries. There are no judgments. There are no expectations. It is as it is. And when you’re ready, you can start to wiggle your toes or fingers. You can sway your body a little bit or your neck. Acknowledge where you might feel heat. I’m feeling hate in my upper, the back of my heart chakra.


Wannessa Badger is the creator of The Self-Healing School, a sacred learning space offering self-healing courses complimented with coaching and community. Her foundational course, “Miracle Grow,” is a guided journey for survivors of adverse childhood experiences to break free of self-doubt, self-blame, self-rejection and (the resulting) self-sabotage with the power of true self-love at the subconscious level, transforming the energetics of one’s inner being and the story of their lives.

Having survived childhood traumas and pediatric kidney disease, Wannessa’s self-healing journey led her to explore and discover the healing powers of energetics, psychology, neuroscience, and community. She has a degree in Child Development and Family Studies, as well as certifications as an AWAKE Integrative Energy Practitioner & a Mindset Transformation Coach.




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