Meet Lark Allen

Hi, my name is Lark and I am so excited you decided to stop by Heal into Happiness!

I am a wife, mom and explorer of ways to appreciate life and all the adventures it brings! I thought I would be a nurse forever, but after ten years of being a labor and delivery nurse, fertility nurse and then PACU nurse I became burned out, overweight and overwhelmed! I became a realtor hoping to find a little more time at home, but it was just as exhausting and not as fun as I had imagined. During that three year period, I found out I had fertility issues.

Once my miracle baby was created I knew that I needed to find a fun way to create a life I loved while being present with my daughter. There was some trial and error along the way and I am thankful for every moment because all of it led me to this moment in time with so much more to share with you! I am living proof that it possible to overcome the most painful heart breaks and deepest betrayals! I especially look forward to sharing what I learned over the last year that I wish I would have known at the beginning of my healing journey!

I believe we are all here to help walk one another home and when one of us finds a path with more ease and flow it’s important to share with the collective. So that’s what I am here to do! Get ready for the most epic love affair you’ve ever had! One that will last your entire lifetime and beyond! My prayer is that you will feel more and more empowered and happy after each podcast and before you know it you will be on your way to being healed into happy too!