Co-Creating Heaven on Earth with Kristi Dear

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Co-Creating Heaven on Earth with Kristi Dear

Episode 34: Welcome to Heal Into Happy, I’m your host Lark Allen. Today, I am super excited to have one of my besties, Kristi Dear, host of the Mindset Chick Podcast on today. We always have so much fun together. She is such an angel on earth, and she is really one of the huge reasons why this podcast is even around because of the financial freedom and all of the things that I have gained from doing our Monet business together. Listen in as Kristi shares with us how she creates Heaven on Earth.

Ready? Let’s go…


• I think really thinking about this heaven on earth is bringing more peace, joy to the world, just supporting people to know that there is an infinite amount of abundance, love, enjoy, peace for everyone. And I think, how would you do that? Well, I guess taking a magic wand and sprinkling magic dust like love everywhere, just really helping people to drown out more fear, we can get sucked into the story of fear-based thoughts, and then when you have one thought, it’s easy for another thought to attach to that, and another thought, and another thought. The momentum can go like a moving free train and it’s hard to stop.    (6:55)

•  I  love what you said that not labeling things good or bad, I really like that you said that because I think we can get in the habit and for so long, I have done that where you have a fear-based or you have anger or jealousy come up and you think, Oh, well, I’m trying to be a better person. I’m a good person, I shouldn’t have these thoughts, but becoming aware, like you said, acknowledging them and just talking to yourself like, why are these coming up, feeling it, moving through it, clearing things. But letting yourself feel… And you’ve taught me a lot of that too, and I think it’s just so good to do instead of suppress, right? Just look at that awareness, but you can choose again, you could choose again or do a pattern interrupt, but then you get in the habit of, Oh, I’m having these thoughts and feeling them, I’m working through them, but I don’t have to stay in that mantra, fear story I can choose a love mantra.    (10:59)

• And I think so many times we could look outside of ourselves, look at the world and say, Well, you know, if that person would be more loving or if that person would think like me, or if that person would choose differently… We’re looking at the outside world. Well, if they would do this, then I would feel better and the world will be a better place. But what I’ve learned is it, change comes with you, right? So you want to see the change in the world? It starts with you. So I think for me wanting to create more heaven on earth, it starts with me, it starts with continuing to heal, for me, continuing to release things that don’t serve me, continuing to have love for myself and be more loving in a sense, and lead with more love, and that change can start with me. (13:05)

•  We’re being of service too, because we’re anchoring in Christ consciousness by doing that, which is ultimately what the whole heaven on earth is. I feel like as humans, we’re feeling into our super power of the fact that God made us and made this beautiful Sophia-Gaia that were on to enjoy and to appreciate and to co-create together.  (15:29)


Kristi Dear is a Mindset, Success Coach, Network Marketing Professional, author and speaker, she works to support her team and clients to step into their own spotlight, build their successful and fulfilling businesses so they can create an abundant freedom-based lifestyle.

Kristi has been married for 22 years and has three kids ages 21, 20 and 14, and when she’s not running her business, you can catch her working out with her hubby, bike-riding, going on long walks or lifting weights. Kristi’s motto is: “God doesn’t play favorites. So if you see someone with the success that you desire, get excited, get really excited, because that’s just God’s way of showing you what is possible.”





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